Melting point…

There’s something about summer… It makes me rethink my life every year. 

It’s almost like the summer melts down my walls that I keep my emotions bundled behind. The emotions that make me question myself, question if anything that I’m doing is making sense. 

If I’m even headed anywhere or am I drifting with the tide, just another participant in the rebellion against the endless loop of societal pressure… If any of what I do will ever make a difference. If I have made even a tiny impression on my environment. If when I am removed from the equation, will my deletion make a difference? Or will it simply be a drop out of the ocean? 

Will I ever be the reason for a medley of ripples on this placid surface of life, or will I simply be another wave?

Then I question whether having so many emotions is even normal? If I’m a naive girl to think of all these things and if I’m just a soft spot on the hard rock of society? 

Even after 26 rounds around our personal blazing ball of hydrogen and helium, I’m still realising that adulting is a myth. Even adults have no idea what they are doing. We basically just make our own way and hope that it counts as adulting in some way.


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