The Anthroposcene.. how we can save our planet.

You can never know anyone completely, no matter how long you have known the person, or how much you have tried to analyse them. To know another human being wholly, is beyond reason and comprehension. We have many layers, as many layers as you can peel off. A human being is a complex social animal, he/she is different with different individuals, in different environments, and when he/she is alone.
Our behaviour with different individuals is varied, right from the time of birth. Our mind’s capacity to do things is incomprehensible. Anyone is capable of changing the world, yet each one of us have the same brain structure. What differs is our perspective of society, of people, our friendships, our family and ourselves. Our perception is a significant catalyst in our behaviour and cognitive processes. If one perceives themselves as a strong individual, then no matter the circumstance they are in, they will fight and rise above; and if a person perceives themselves as weak then it doesn’t matter how strong they actually are, they will be inclined to slide deeper into their misery.
The amazing thing about perception is that we can change it.
It deeply saddens me that the world is so comfortably fixed in their egotistical poisonous thinking. Man today has relaxed into a comfortable cushion of bad choices. And the most ridiculous thing about it, is that the cushion will swallow him whole, yet he refuses to see it. Refuses to change his perception and instead chooses to feed his ego and arrogance with daily doses of poisonous thoughts and behaviour.

The time for a change has arrived and it brings with it a mountain of hard work ; but it also has sweet outcomes, ones which will in time, provide mankind with long lasting happiness. 

The light is waiting to shine upon us, each and every one of us. 

Take a leap of faith, trust yourself, believe that you deserve all the goodness in the world. 

Work hard, give yourself a chance. 

Make a change for good. 

Just try!




This post was a result of some deep thoughts with regards to the state of our planet. .

Words in collaboration with @amdzohan 

Photo : @pahadichinya .


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