Nostalgia? Not really…

img_0720Facebook reminded me yesterday, that one year ago I was in the same geographic place.Maybe this is a sign of being old/mature but I am not the same human being I was then, and I don’t feel nostalgic about her either…

I think I have realised that each person who comes into your life gives you something. An experience that can teach you or change you or shape you, but they give you something.

The journey I think takes you down an interesting road, people come and people go… Some stay to ride alongside you in companiable silence; some take the turnoff to another destination…

In the end we are on our own, free to roam, free to feel the wind on our face and the sun tanning our skin. We are free to take away as many experiences that we can from our short time here, and grow. Grow into beautiful human beings inside and out! 


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