Hangovers are of all types.
I’m sure all of us have had a travel hangover at least once in our lives.
And it’s not just the posts or the photos but the feeling of that sun beating down on your face, that first time you experienced something amazing, then realised that amazing experiences were going to be a daily ritual! 

Those talks you had with that really sweet lady on the roadside Dhaba who couldn’t understand Hindi but spoke broken English. That other creepy dude at the market who wouldn’t leave you alone, that funny watchman at the dormitory who said “koi problem nahi mangta hai”. It is those tense moments with your fellow travelers after a long day on the road and disagreements in part due to the fact that you are a hungry person. All those times when people made it a priority to feed you so that you didn’t become a scary hangry person. Those are all the moments that make you miss it all.
The loads of jokes cracked, those almost impossible to find moments in which you silently had an entire conversation with the person sitting beside you. When people from three different generations managed to forget their age gap and had an epic time together.
When you finally set aside your camera and put on hold, the idea of trying to capture the essence of that place, that landscape, the stars, the clouds, the laughter, that food, even those blood sucking mosquitoes! Your heart brimming with emotions; you just sat there and soaked it all in.
I miss that feeling. I miss who I was there. I miss what we were together. 


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